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Writing is Hard: 5 Tips for Tired Writers

"I'm a writer," I reluctantly remind myself. Sitting down to write is so very easy on some days and oh so difficult on others. But like any other thing in this world, we are much better off when we act on discipline and practice rather than on our feelings. That is why I'm still here… Continue reading Writing is Hard: 5 Tips for Tired Writers

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Personality Types Don’t Really Matter

Have you ever taken a personality test? The Myers-Briggs test is my favorite one (btw, I'm an ENTJ). Personality tests can be useful and interesting. It is helpful to recognize one's strengths and weaknesses, and even establish a reason for one's thought pattern. Here's the problem with the way many people use personality tests though:… Continue reading Personality Types Don’t Really Matter

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The #1 Rule For Living With Your Best Friend

One year ago, my best friend (The Red Head) and I moved into our apartment with a table. We got couches, then eventually chairs. My roommate is the queen of estate sale deals. For a while, the wifi modem sat on a cardboard box. No tv. When we started looking for apartments, there seemed to… Continue reading The #1 Rule For Living With Your Best Friend

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Do What Scares You

Last week I talked about why you shouldn't follow your passion. Whether you agree or disagree, the next tip I have applies: do things that scare you. Even if they're hard. Even if they're easy. Doesn't matter. But sometimes you have to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone in order to really… Continue reading Do What Scares You

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Your Passion Is Not Important

How many times have you been told to follow your passion? Too many to count? We tend to put a lot of pressure on people to find and follow their passion. We believe that if that happens, everything falls into place and you will love what you do. There's an expectation it will somehow be… Continue reading Your Passion Is Not Important

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5 Questions for Nursing Students

This post is a little more specific than my other college posts, but it's something I get a lot. ¬†You know, being a nursing student. There are a lot of things people ask nursing students. If you meet one, I can answer those questions for you now and you won't have to worry about it!… Continue reading 5 Questions for Nursing Students